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Custom Deep Tissue Treatment

If you’re not sure, start here! This therapeutic, custom massage targets your specific pain points and overuse patterns, providing tailored relief and blissful relaxation. The “deep” pressure is always adapted to your comfort level. Ninety minutes is recommended for a full body treatment with 2 or more areas of focus.

Best for: chronic pain management, recovery from workouts or sports, relieving tight or tense muscles, releasing stubborn “knots,” alleviating overuse injuries


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a relaxing, very gentle treatment that reduces inflammation, swelling (edema) and water retention, while boosting the general immune system and localized healing response to injury. This technique encourages your nervous system to switch into “rest mode” and will help provide overall restoration. Sixty minutes is recommended for full body treatment, or 30 minutes for a specific area.


Best for: reducing swelling, speeding recovery of a localized injury or post surgical intervention, post-cancer lymphatic support, anyone desiring a gentle, light technique

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Assisted Stretching

While stretching and active movement techniques are incorporated throughout most services, they can also be combined to form a complete standalone treatment. Integrating movement into a massage session retrains the muscles and nervous system to achieve greater range of motion and break cycles of pain. You will walk out feeling loose, limber, and moving with ease. Sixty minutes is recommended for a full body stretch treatment, or 30 minutes for a specific area.

Best for: improving range of motion, faster workout recovery, anyone who prefers a fully clothed treatment



Cupping is an ancient technique that has been adapted as a powerful tool in modern massage practice. Cups provide a pulling or lifting sensation to the body’s tissues, which accelerates relief from chronic pain, enhances local blood flow and detoxification, and helps retrain optimal movement patterns. Cupping can be a standalone service for a quick tune up, but it is also often integrated into other services for maximum benefit at no extra cost.

Best for: relieving pinched nerve symptoms, improving functional range of motion, enhancing and accelerating the benefits of a traditional massage.


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